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our Mission and Philosophy

Welcome to Rush Soccer Development University! This incredible e-learning platform provides all of our coaches, players, and parents with an outstanding portfolio of resources to elevate their performance to the next level. Please navigate the University to find a multiplicity of courses in any topics you believe you’re needing the most.   

As the technical leaders of our club, Rush Soccer Development strives to unify our clubs under a common player development approach and to constantly improve the learning environments we provide to our players, so one of the top programs you’ll find within the University is our Rush Certification Pathway, which will not only allow you to improve your coaching skills but also move up the ladder within our organization.

Don’t fear coach, to learn the Rush Way will not limit your capacity to express yourself but only add tools to your repertoire.

Certifying as a Rush Coach is in fact not only desirable but also mandatory. Our clubs are required to sustain a minimum of 75% of their coaches Rush Way certified Level II.

Through this space we also offer courses for coaches as part of the mandatory yearly continuous education policies of the club. RSD+ clubs, coaches, and players receive free access to all of the RSDU courses. Learn more about RSD+.

Enjoy Rush Soccer Development University!

The Rush Certificate Pathway

Level I

Duration: 5 hours

Format: Online / In-Person (On-Demand)

5 Modules, 28 Lessons

Level II

Duration: 16 hours

Format: Online / In-Person (On-Demand)

6 Modules, 46 Lessons

Level III

Rush Select Coach

Duration: 16 hours

Format: In-Person.

Upcoming Courses: Contact Sporting Project Director, Pablo Toledo, for the 2022/23 schedule.